Krishi Oils Limited is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of methyl esters and processed linseed oils in India. The products offered by us are for industrial and technical use in paints, printing inks, synthetic (alkyd) resins etc.

Rapeseed Methyl Ester

Methyl ester of rapeseed (RME) is a methyl ester mixture made up of saturated and unsaturated C16 to C22 fatty acids. Technically, methyl esters of rapeseed are produced by chemical conversion of rapeseed oil using methanol.

RME is a clear, thin, combustible, non water-soluble liquid that gives off a faint smell. It is used as a substitute for diesel fuel (Biodiesel) and is also used as a solvent in the specialist industries (such as adhesives, foundries etc.). The principal constituents of methyl ester of rapeseed are oleic (55-65%), linoleic (18-25%), linolenic (5-11%) and palmitic acids (5-8%). Other fatty acids account for <1% of the product.

Also known as

  • RME
  • Methyl Ester of Rapeseed
  • Rapeseed Ester

Available Packaging

  • MS/HDPE 210 L barrels
  • Loose in lorry tanker
  • Flexibag
  • ISO tank
  • 20 ' FCL


Yellow colour Density ~0.88 +/-

Additional Information

Packaging Details Drums , Tankers, Flexitank